Amethyst Cluster with Calcite - AC3

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Also known as the "sobriety stone" has been used for ages to help stop ones addictive behaviors.

In the spiritual world, amethyst is a stone known to increase psychic channels. It's calming vibrations brings you in touch with the a higher realms allowing you to reach a deep, peaceful state.

Amethyst is associated with your third eye chakra and is beneficial when used during meditation to open your third eye.

Besides its beauty, amethyst is a great all around crystal that belongs in any crystal users collection.

Please Note:

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Item pictured is what you will receive. More pictures available upon request.

We always recommend cleansing once you receive and make sure you dedicate your crystal when ready.

Materials: good intention,positive vibes,amethyst

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