Cleanse - Clear Quartz Crystal-therapy 8 oz. Candle - Organic Sage - Crystal Inside

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This candle is the perfect alternative to using sage bundles. Cleanse any space and create a peaceful atmosphere, free from negativity. The clear Quartz point hidden beneath the wax will be sure to invite love and light to surround you.

Made with 100% Organic Sage essential oil.

These candles are hand poured using 100% all natural soy wax, infused with a blend of 100% essential oils. The properties of the oils are enhanced by hand selected crystal hidden underneath the wax. These aren't your average tumbled stones, they are clusters and pieces that have been chosen, with love, and placed with good intentions.

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Materials: Essential oil,Organic Essential,Love and Good Vibes,All Natural Soy Wax,Clear quartz,quartz



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