How much does it cost to ship? 

- Shipping is calculated at check out and is based on weight and distance by each carrier (USPS, UPS). We ship out of Westhampton Beach, NY.


When will my order ship?

-Orders can take up to 5 business days to ship buy typically ship next day!


Can I see more pictures/videos of items on your website? 

-Absolutely! Buying crystals on the internet is hard! We want to make it as easy as possible for you. The fastest method is sending us a message on Instagram @EarthlySecrets - We are fast to respond and happy to show you anything in our stock more in-depth. If you don't have Instagram, you can always send us an email and we can email you back any information needed!


What does "Intuitively Selected" mean?

- Intuitively selected means we use our intuition in selecting the best item based on looks and energy. We promise to pick the best we have in stock for any of our "Intuitively Selected" offerings! These items are generally fairly uniform in kind and it makes the selection process easier. Of course, if you are ever near our physical shop in Westhampton Beach, NY, Stop in and dig through all of our crystals!


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

-Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges. We want to offer cleansed crystals to new homes for all of our customers! Practicing this ensures all of our crystals come with out any attached energy from any previous owners. 


How do you know your crystals are genuine?

-Over the span of our 10+ year life we have made alliances with great sources around the world! We look for top quality material coming directly out of mines or out of the hands of artisans who carve and polish the raw stones. 


What are the Crystal Pipes made out of?

-Our Crystal Pipes are made from food safe silicone with a glass insert, both materials are safe to heat and won't produce any toxins when smoking!